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Trish Hipgrave

Swain County Health Department

Trish Hipgrave

Trish Hipgrave is a Registered Dietitian, Adjunct Professor at Western Carolina University, and Public Health Educator for the Swain County Health Department.

She believes in educating and empowering people to maximize their health through better nutrition. Hipgrave is a Western Carolina University Alumni, with a Master of Health Science degree in nutrition and dietetics. Hipgrave is the founder and manager of the Swain County Health Department’s Produce Nutrition Voucher Program, Swain County Diabetes Program, Budget Friendly Grocery Store Tour Program, and a local foods and farmer’s market advocate.

In addition to her work, Hipgrave competes in triathlons, adventure races, Crossfit, and kayak races. Hipgrave is happy to tie nutrition in with the athletic realm in her own life as a consultant to the U.S. Masters Kayaking team on how to better improve their diet and performance.