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Reza Setayesh

Baba Nahm and BimBeriBon

Reza Setayesh

Reza Setayesh is the chef and owner of the restaurants Baba Nahm and BimBeriBon in Asheville.

In 1985 Reza left Los Angeles for Asheville—a move that would inspire the small mountain town now nicknamed Foodtopia for its thriving culinary scene. Thirty years later Reza sold his flagship restaurant Rezaz and he and his wife Eva hit the road, traveling with their children’s synth pop band Posh

This break from the kitchen gave Reza the time to make some changes, “I cut out all refined sugars and processed foods. When I did that all my aches and pains went away, and I lost the weight I didn’t need to be
carrying around. I have more energy now than I had in my twenties.”

In 2017 Reza opened two new eateries. Baba Nahm in Downtown Asheville’s Grove Arcade is grab and go Middle Eastern cuisine. BimBeriBon in West Asheville is the culmination of a dream to help people live better lives through wholesome, delicious, and vital food. BBB serves a global cuisine, entirely gluten free and refined sugar free–dining for everyone from vegans to omnivores.

“At the end of the day it’s all about feeling good, doing good, and living good.” – Reza Setayesh