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Jennifer Trippe

MANNA FoodBank

Jennifer Trippe

Jennifer Trippe is a Registered Dietitian working with MANNA FoodBank in Asheville, NC.

Jennifer brings over 16 years of experience working with individuals, businesses, and organizations to improve the health and well-being of the Western North Carolina community. Before joining MANNA FoodBank, Jennifer spent several years working in public health as a WIC Nutritionist and Diabetes Educator. She has extensive experience in the food service industry and was a massage therapist for well over a decade.

Throughout Jennifer’s work at MANNA FoodBank, her focus has centered on sustainable, evidence-based approaches to addressing the intersection of hunger and health. In her time at MANNA, Jennifer has coordinated agency relations and capacity building activities for the six far western counties of North Carolina, resulting in a thriving and engaged network of emergency food providers serving their communities in need. Jennifer developed, managed, and implemented MANNA’s first nutrition program, which includes local, sustainable approaches to nutrition education in a food pantry setting and food insecurity screenings in a healthcare setting. She has convened local, regional, and statewide organizations to rally around MANNA’s hunger and health initiatives. In addition, Jennifer has guided the development of an organizational nutrition policy that will be implemented over the coming year. Jennifer has played an instrumental role in shifting MANNA’s focus towards improving nutrition and health for food insecure individuals and elevated the importance of working with the healthcare system to achieve these goals.