The Magic of a School Garden

Field Trip

See with your own eyes the power of a successful school garden and the tactics that bring it to life. Isaac Dickson Elementary School is founded on the concept of experiential education for its students, making it a ripe playground for farm to school activity. Container gardens just outside the doors of most classrooms, raised beds across the campus, and a greenhouse complete with composting worms are interwoven into the students’ daily routines.

Emily Jackson, founder of Growing Minds and a pioneer in the Farm to School movement, will explore the benefits and difficulties of bringing children into the garden. Listen to the stories straight from the individuals that work with children, communities, and health professions to keep young minds and bodies healthy both in and out of the garden.

Field trips will combine a small-group tour of a local farm, garden, or market with a more informal presentation and discussion on important healthy eating topics. Buses will transport conferees to the location and back. Return times are approximate.


Emily Jackson

Emily Jackson

Emily Jackson is the founder and director of ASAP's Growing Minds Farm to School program.