Secrets to Kid-Friendly Meals

Cooking Workshop

Parents know that feeding their children a balanced, healthy diet sets them on the path to success. But sometimes getting kids to eat what’s best is an uphill battle. Learn to cook several kid-approved dishes and pick up a few tricks to make good foods compete with all the unhealthy temptations vying for kids’ attention.

All cooking workshops will be team-taught by a culinary and health professional, offering you the best advice from each world.


Alexis Young

Alexis Young serves as the chef for the Child Care Center of the First Presbyterian Church of Asheville.

Katherine Caro

Katherine Valencia Caro

Katherine Valencia Caro, M.S., MHS, RDN, PA-C, is a nationally certified physician assistant with the Duke Children’s Healthy Lifestyles Program. Healthy Lifestyles is committed to empowering children and adolescents to achieve a healthier lifestyle through family-based education, clinical care, and behavioral change.