Produce Prescription Programs

Breakout Session

Produce prescription programs are springing up in clinics and hospitals all across the country. Providing produce prescriptions allows patients to access free or discounted fruits and vegetables and is a great way to connect with your local community. Hear from leaders of two successful organizations, Wholesome Wave Georgia and Hungry Harvest, about how these programs work, what the challenges and benefits are, and how you can tap into this growing movement and prescribe healthy food to patients.



Denise Blake

Denise Blake

A Northern California native and a Spelman College alumna, Denise Blake is excited to serve Wholesome Wave Georgia as its Executive Director. Denise has held key positions in nonprofit, corporate, and governmental organizations. Her areas of specialty include program administration and evaluation, curriculum design and training, and resource development.

Stacy Carroll

Stacy Carroll is Director of Partnerships for HarvestRX.