Physicians and the Farm Bill

Field Trip

How does what we know about health and medicine help us understand the Farm Bill? This session will focus on how our approaches to sustainable farming, drawing lessons from the farm we are visiting, and health help us understand the structure and framework behind the farm bill, and how the many complicated pieces of the farm bill fit together. Scott Marlow will talk through some of the major myths and issues of the farm bill, and how the health community and others can participate in farm bill and other food issue advocacy effectively. This session is designed to challenge common ideas of farm and food policy, and deepen individual’s understanding and ability to connect with the broader agricultural community while at Hickory Nut Gap Farm in Fairview.

The 90 acre land has been in the family for five generations, dating back to 1916. Descendant Jamie Ager and his wife, Amy, now co-own the Hickory Nut Gap Farm business and the brand Hickory Nut Gap Meats. They have been raising grassfed beef cattle, pasture-raised pigs, poultry, and apples at Hickory Nut Gap since 2000.

Field trips will combine a small-group tour of a local farm, garden, or market with a more informal presentation and discussion on important healthy eating topics. Buses will transport conferees to the location and back. Return times are approximate.


Jamie and Amy Ager

Amy and Jamie Ager

Amy and Jamie Ager co-own the Hickory Nut Gap Farm business and the brand Hickory Nut Gap Meats.

Scott Marlow

Scott Marlow

Scott Marlow currently serves as Senior Policy Specialist for the Rural Advancement Foundation International USA division.