A Conversation with Daphne Miller

Field Trip

In writing and researching for Farmacology, Daphne Miller spent time interviewing seven family farms in order to discover the impact that farming has directly on our health. Her travels brought her to a vegetable farmer in Washington, beer farmer in Missouri, and a vinter in California, to name a few. Miller used her keen sense of storytelling and personal experiences from farmers she met along the way to straddle the divide between agriculture and medicine.

Hear her in conversation with Jamie and Amy Ager, co-owners of Hickory Nut Gap Farm business and the brand Hickory Nut Gap Meats. They have been raising grass-fed beef cattle, pasture-raised pigs, poultry, and apples at Hickory Nut Gap since 2000.

Field trips will combine a small-group tour of a local farm, garden, or market with a more informal presentation and discussion on important healthy eating topics. Buses will transport conferees to the location and back. Return times are approximate.


Jamie and Amy Ager

Amy and Jamie Ager

Amy and Jamie Ager co-own the Hickory Nut Gap Farm business and the brand Hickory Nut Gap Meats.

Daphne Miller

Daphne Miller

Daphne Miller is a practicing family physician and founder of WholeFamilyMD, author, and Associate Clinical Professor at the University of California San Francisco.